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Lots of happy customers…

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  1. Bob & Sue Chance says:

    Dean & Sun did a great job in supplying and fitting solar panelling to our house. From Graham’s first visit to talk the idea over, there was help and information without pressure. Sarah made sure that we were kept fully informed via e-mails and handled the paperwork effectively, plus answering our various questions. Graham had the job well organised with scaffolders and roofers turning up on time and working well with courtesy and care – all parts and equipment were ordered and delivered on time. He made sure that we were aware of everything that he was doing and why. The panels and other parts have been fitted neatly and are working effectively. Their pricing was competitive and we felt happier dealing with a small local supplier over larger firms. Dean & Sun offer assurance through professional certification and insurance protection as well as their reassuring approach to the project.
    The installation is only just completed but I feel sure that, should we have any problems, Dean & Sun will deal with them effectively.
    As a young company with a localised customer-base, Dean & Sun have every reason to maintain a very high standard of service. We have already recommended them to two of our neighbours and feel confident in giving them our general endorsement. Bob and Sue Chance

  2. Alan & Gill says:

    Dean & Sun’s approach to the whole project was positive and efficient throughout, and everything was all wrapped up in the absolute minimum of time.
    Graham and his team were friendly and courteous throughout the whole process, offering advice with continuous consultation, and everyone who attended on site was determined to conduct themselves in an efficient and business-like manner.
    We were kept informed every step of the way by both Graham and Sarah, and we could not have wished for a better service. All of the work outside and inside our home was undertaken to a very high standard, with everything tidied away each day. The whole project was surveyed, installed and commissioned within 4 days, and all packaging was removed from site for re-cycling.
    The co-ordination skill in getting scaffolding, materials and personnel to and from site at just the right time was exceptional. We are very impressed with the work completed and are delighted that we chose this caring local company to undertake this investment for us.
    We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dean & Sun; thank you for the care taken and for the exceptional attention to detail in delivering a fantastic service. We wish you well for the future.

  3. Mr Grover says:

    I thought you might be interested to know that for the first year 31 July 13 – 1August 14 our installed capacity system (8 panels) 2.25 kwh with an estimated output of 1.88kwh has produced 2.058 kwh.( despite quite a bit of oak tree shadow in late Sept to Dec)

    I have worked this out as a 10.36% annual return on capital.

    I am very satisfied with that and you can quote me if you like as a “ satisfied customer”!

  4. Mark&Julie says:

    I am very pleased to report that we have already broken through the 3000KW barrier. We have reached our first years generation target almost four months early !

    Our savings to date from a hugely reduced electric bill and not using our oil boiler to heat water (using Emerson on timer) throughout the summer has also put us well in front of your very conservative financial predictions.

    We have already recommended solar panels to friends and family and get a steady stream of visitors just to see Graham’s very professionally installed system. Even my very cynical wife is now converted to the clear benefits of solar.

    A big thank you.

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