Solar Energy is an investment

Features and benefits of solar energy

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Solar electric reduces the pollution into the atmosphere, lessens the  impact of global warming, is an infinite supply of astonishing quantity, is hugely reliable (yes, even in the UK!), clean and affordable and offers a sustainable alternative to depleting, expensive fossil fuels.

But I Dont Think I’ll Be In My Current Home for the Next 25 Years!

This is one of the reasons we offer a mid-range product – one that will perform well for the next 25 years but offers a quicker pay-back than some of the more high tech options.

The tariff is linked to the home not the person, so it would be passed to the new owner if you sold. Increasing evidence from countries with established schemes similar to the UK FIT scheme (such as certain states in the USA and Germany) show that properties with solar installations sell quicker than those without and at times for a small amount more than other similar homes as a result.

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