Feed in Tariff (FIT)

The Government FIT (Feed In Tariff) launched in 2010 will pay households who invest in solar panels and have them installed by an accredited installer a guaranteed, tax-free, index linked annual amount for the next 25 years for all the electricity generated by the solar panels and an additional sum for any surplus sold back to the grid.

You need to request a FIT application form from your energy supplier and fill it in (this is something we will help you with) and a meter will be installed to monitor the electricity generated by your panels, any electricity you don’t use will be automatically exported back to the grid, earning you even more money (the Government are intending to introduce Smart meters, until then it is assumed that 50% of your generated electric is exported back). By combining this with a few energy awareness tactics, you can reduce your electricity bill and earn an income from your panels its Win, Win!

By diverting your energy consumption to daylight hours, such using your energy hungry appliances (washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers) , you can optimise the free electricity and also save on your usual bills especially when combined with energy efficient appliances and waste reduction measures. We can offer tips and guidance on how to make the most of your new installation.

The maximum domestic installation is a 4Kw system and assuming the homeowner has optimum roof orientation and pitch, they can expect approx 5-10% return on investment per year (tax-free!) for the next 25 years. This yearly return on investment should continue to improve as electricity prices rise by approx 7% per year and the Feed-In Tariff is linked to RPI.